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Verification Requirements

Required Documents

A photo of your state-issued ID

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It must be up-to-date and registered in the same state you’re currently residing in*. We cannot accept IDs with an address registered under a different state than where your ID is registered (I.E. You have a Nevada address on your license but the license itself is registered in California). Temporary IDs will not be accepted. Passports and green cards are not acceptable forms of ID as they do not confirm your current state of residence. We do this so we can verify your identity (combat identity fraud) and prove that you are 18 years of age or older.

*Exceptions made to out-of-state military or students who provide their military/student ID as well as their state ID.

A selfie of you holding your ID

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Your entire face + ID must be showing in the photo.

A photo of your payment card

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We must be able to see your full name and the last 4 numbers of the payment card. If the last 4 numbers on your payment card are not fully visible, it will not be approved. Please cover the CVV if it’s showing. Payment cards under another person’s name and prepaid cards will not be accepted. Digital payment cards are accepted.

A photo of a utility bill that directly connects you to the residence on your account

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An acceptable utility bill can be for water, gas, electricity, wired internet (wifi hotspots, satellite internet or similar not accepted), cable, or landline phone. It must be recent (dated within the last 30 days), show the full page(s), and be legible. It must also show past history* – we will not accept a first month’s bill. It should not have a past due/balance forward or a large payment plan (proof of late payment will not be approved). Account overviews or transaction receipts for bills will not be approved. Physical and digital bills are acceptable.

*Your previous month’s bill will be requested if your current bill does not show last month’s payment

  • If you do not have a utility bill in your name, no problem!  In that case, please upload a utility bill that is not in your name in the “Utility Bill” section along with a piece of mail received by you within the last 30 days (It must be dated) in the “Optional / Mail Piece” section.

Should a utility bill show a past due balance, a large payment plan, or indicate a lack of timely payment in the past, your lease order will not be approved EVEN IF THE BILL IS NOT UNDER YOUR NAME. Our graphics card leasing program is a form of credit, and we do not want to burden a customer further with more financial obligations should they already exhibit financial distress.

If your lease is not approved for a past due balance on your utility bill, then we will notify you of that decision by email and cancel and refund your order. This does not mean you can never use our service in the future. Once you show two (2) consecutive months of good payment history (i.e. no past due balance) on the same utility bill originally provided, then we will allow you to lease a graphics card from us. We appreciate your understanding.

Examples of Acceptable Bills

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When looking at your utility bill, we look for:

  • Your full name
  • The service address
  • The date of service (it must be dated within 30 days of when you placed your order)
  • Your previous balance and payment received

Examples of Non-Acceptable Bills

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past due bill
cell phone
account overview
bank statement
partial bill
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Bills that we will not accept:

As a utility bill is a service connected directly to your home address, we will not accept bills not included on our list of approved bills as an alternative. Here is a comprehensive list of bills we will not accept:

  • Past due bills (Your order will be canceled and refunded)
  • Disconnection notices (Your order will be canceled and refunded)
  • Hot spot/satellite internet bills (Your internet cannot be portable as it must directly service your residence address)
  • First month’s bills/ bills with no past payment history
  • Partial bills (We need to see the entire utility bill statement)
  • Bills dated over 30 days from the day you place your order
  • Cell phone bills
  • Account overview/receipt for your utility bill
  • Bank statements
  • Car notes
  • Lease Agreements*

*Lease agreements may be approved as an alternative to a utility bill only if your lease agreement states that all utilities are included with rent.

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