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Infinite Upgrades Membership Benefits

Lease Program Guide

Your lease payments are billed on a monthly basis.
Lease term is 12 months with a 13th month's payment for buy out
The graphics cards we lease may be brand new or “previously enjoyed” (used, returned after an upgrade). Returned cards are thoroughly cleaned and tested before they are shipped out.
We restrict the number of graphics cards leased to a new customer to 1 (one). After six months of good payment history, a customer may add one more card to their account.
Our Infinite Upgrades® Program allows you to upgrade to the next latest and greatest graphics card for free, at any time, as many times as you like. Do note that when you perform an upgrade, you sign a new 12-month lease term and any payments made prior to on the old card do not transfer to the upgrade card.
There is an EARLY TERMINATION FEE should you wish to cancel your subscription before the end of the lease term. After the 1st 14 days, the fee is equal to two months' payments. Within the 1st 14 days, you may cancel your subscription with no early termination fee and be refunded your first month’s payment less a $40.00 restocking fee.
You may always inquire ahead of time whether a graphics card in stock is brand new or “previously enjoyed” by sending us an email to [email protected] or calling us during our normal business hours of Monday-Friday 9am-5pm CT at (512) 481-2134.

Lease Approval Process

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Step 1: Place your order
Step 1: Place Your Order

To start the lease process, follow these simple steps:
- Go to the Graphics Cards products page.
- Choose your card and register your account.
- Checkout, agree to the terms & conditions of the Lease Agreement and make your first monthly payment using your standard credit / debit card (we do not accept pre-paid or reloadable debit cards as well as payment cards NOT under the account holder’s name).

Step 2: Verify Your Identity, Age and Residence Address
Step 2: Verify Your Identity, Age and Residence Address

Once we receive your order, we will send you an email requesting a scan or photo of these documents:
• Your state-issued ID
• A selfie of you holding your ID
• A photo of your payment card
• A photo of a utility bill that directly connects you to the residence address on your account
(If your utility bill is past due, then your lease order may not be approved. Please view our verification requirements for more info).

Your order will state that it's pending until all of your verification documents have been approved.

Step 3: Order Confirmation
Step 3: Order Confirmation

After verifying your identity, a Cutting Edge Gamer customer service associate will call you to confirm your order and your shipping address for the final step in our approval process. Your lease is now approved!

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We typically ship within 1-2 business days after your lease has been approved via free ground shipping. However, you may pay for expedited shipping.  Extra rates for Expedited Shipping are as follows:

  • UPS Next Day Air = $90.00 + $30.00 for each additional card
    • Guaranteed 1-2 day shipping. Saturday shipping is not guaranteed.
  • UPS 2nd Day Air = $40.00 + $12.50 for each additional card
    • Guaranteed 2-3 day shipping. Saturday shipping is not guaranteed.

To request expedited shipping, please note it in the ‘ additional notes’ section of your order or let a representative know when we call to confirm your order. You will be charged for expedited shipping once your order has been fully confirmed.

Shipping charges are taxable;  however, sales tax is only required for orders shipping into states where Cutting Edge Gamer has or may have nexus and where states require the collection of sales tax by online retailers for state tax purposes under applicable laws.

Once shipped, we will send you a shipment confirmation email with the lease start / end dates and the tracking number. Signature is required for delivery as we do not like to leave expensive items unattended on somebody’s doorstep!

Buy Out Option

13 Payments = Card Purchase

If upgrading is not your thing, then our “lease-to-own” feature through our Buy Out Option is for you. You do not return the card back to us after the 12 month lease term is over. Instead use the Buy Out Option, which is equal to one month’s payment, to purchase the card outright at the end of the lease term!

You do not need to contact us that you wish to choose the Buy Out Option. Once we receive your thirteenth payment, we will send you your final account summary, your purchase receipt and end your subscription billing at that time. It’s that easy.

Please note that if you do upgrade, you start a new 12 month term – effectively restarting the clock on the number of payments made on the lease – and any payments made on the old card do NOT transfer to the upgrade card.

Infinite Upgrades® Program

Membership has its rewards

Future Proof Your Gaming Rig!

Our Infinite Upgrades® Program allows you to upgrade to the next latest and greatest graphics card for free, at any time, as many times as you like.  No hidden fees.  Upgrade up, down, left, right – it’s up to you!

Processing Your Upgrade is Easy

Follow these easy steps to process your upgrade:

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Log into your Cutting Edge Gamer account.


Click on ‘Products’ and then choose the graphics card you wish to upgrade.


Click on ‘Upgrade or Downgrade’ on the left hand side or simply the ‘Upgrade’ button below the graphics card image.


Find your upgrade card and click ‘Select Upgrade’.


Depending on the difference in the lease rates, you may be charged a prorated additional charge (upgrading to a higher priced card) or may receive a prorated credit (going to a lower priced card). By completing the checkout, you do agree to a new 12-month term as part of the upgrade and our system will modify your monthly rate to the new rate. That’s it!

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Do note that when you perform an upgrade, you sign a new 12-month lease term and any payments made prior to on the old card do not transfer to the upgrade card (there may be some proration if the upgrade is performed mid-billing cycle).

Return Shipping is on Us

We will send you shipping materials and a prepaid return label with your upgrade shipment so you may return the old card to us free-of-charge.

You select your upgrade, sign a new 12-month lease, and we send you the upgrade card first* and give you fourteen (14) calendar days to have the old card in-transit back to Cutting Edge Gamer.  There are exceptions to our ship-first policy, which are outlined below.

(*) – We may ask you to return the previously enjoyed card back to us first in these limited scenarios:

  • You are a new customer who upgrades or requests an RMA prior to their second monthly payment,
  • You move but are unable to provide a new utility bill to verify your new address,
  • You are a customer with a history of past due payments,
  • You are a customer who has a poor timely return history (i.e. return shipments placed in-transit outside of the provided 14-day window), or
  • Your account shows signs of fraudulent activity.

In these instances, we will send you a prepaid return label first via email, and once we see that the return shipment is in-transit, we will then ship out the upgrade order.

Late Fees for Late Returns

We give you fourteen (14) calendar days to have the old card in-transit back to Cutting Edge Gamer.  However, if you exceed the allowable 14 days, then we will charge your account a prorated Late Fee calculated based on the number of days exceeding 14 days, divided by 30, and multiplied by the monthly lease rate of the card being returned.

We Allow Upgrades from Two Cards to One Card

We do allow upgrades from two cards to one.  We do not allow upgrades from three or more cards down to one card.

In-House RMA Service

The quickest RMA service in the industry

Get Back Up in 2-5 Days, not 2-5 Weeks

Tired of waiting from 2 weeks to 2 months to get your replacement graphics card back from the manufacturer? Tired of paying for the shipping cost to RMA a defective card? Well look no further as we cover all of this for you with our service! Simply contact us at [email protected] or call us during normal business hours (M-F 9am-5pm CT) about the defective card, and we will send you a replacement or loaner card out to you immediately – and include a prepaid return label to ship the defective card back to us at no cost to you. Uptime is extremely important to you, so it is important to us!

Replacement versus Loaner Graphics Card

In most circumstances, we will ship you a replacement graphics card for your defective unit. However, if the graphics card you are leasing is not in stock and not readily available from distributors and/or retailers at the time, then we will send you a loaner card – equal or better in performance than the defective card – to you for use while we RMA the card with the manufacturer. Once we receive the replacement card back, we will ship it to you and swap out the loaner card. And of course, we will cover the shipping cost to you and back from you!

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  • Core Clock Speed
  • Boost Clock Speed
  • Cuda Cores
  • 150w 8-pin Power Connector
  • 525W 16-pin Power Connector
  • 75w 6-pin Power Connector
  • Slot Width
  • Dimensions (L x H, in)
  • CPU Socket Type
  • Performance Cores
  • Efficiency Cores
  • # of Threads
  • CPU Core Clock
  • CPU Boost Clock
  • L3 Cache
  • Ram Capacity
  • Ram Speed
  • First Word Latency
  • Form Factor
  • Ram Speed Limit
  • PSU Wattage
  • PSU Type
  • Efficiency Rating
  • Interface
  • Storage
  • Wireless/Wired
  • Maximum DPI
  • Backlit
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