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Elite Performance

Elite Performance

We offer the upper echelon of high end video cards for lease, based on AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.  You need performance – not compromises.  We offer the cards as soon as they are released, since waiting is not an option!

Easy Monthly Payments

Easy Monthly Payments

 No longer will you suffer the sticker shock of high end video card prices.  Your subscription is a 12-month term at a simple low monthly rate, which is automatically charged to your payment card on file.

Infinite Upgrades®

Infinite Upgrades®

Cutting Edge Gamer’s signature Infinite Upgrades® Program comes with your subscription and allows you to upgrade to the next latest and greatest card for free, at any time.  Select your upgrade, sign a new 12-month contract and we send you the new card! 

Buy Out Option

Buy Out Option

 We even offer a Buy Out Option, equal to one month’s payment, to purchase the card outright at the end of the lease term!

Get your elite card today…



Choose your card

Choose from the latest AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce high end graphics cards.

Place your order

VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover debit/credit cards accepted (no pre-paid debit cards).

Quick lease approval

Once order is received, we will request scan / photo of your ID (combat identity fraud and confirm 18 years of age).

Shipped to your door

Once approved, your card is shipped!  Signature is required for delivery. 

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Elite gaming is now accessible to everyone.

Enjoy elite graphics cards at all times with Infinite Upgrades®!



What some of our members are saying ...

  • "I was without a graphics card and had just started a new job.  I required a top notch card quickly, and they came through with a GTX 980, which I've owned since December.  I plan on using these guys to get a GTX 1080 as well.  Great service through great guys!"
    N. RichardsonSan Antonio, TX
  • "Buying the latest technology on a payment plan, what's not to love! I spoke with real people, and shipping was fast. Now i am rocking an ultra high end graphics card in my rig, and i couldn't be happier! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to buy a high end video card!"
    R. MessinaButler, PA
  • "A must for people who can't afford dishing out insane prices for top of the line video cards.  EXCELLENT customer service!!"
    B. BystromFort Knox, KY
  • "Just bought out of my lease, had a great experience with this company thank you James Walsh and everyone that works at Cutting-edge Gamer!!!"
    K. GomezHouston, TX
  • "I did a lot of research to see if this company had any reviews (good or bad), I didn't find much but that's not a bad thing because no information sometimes is better than a lot of "bad" information. I do not work for this company, I do not represent this company in anyway but I have to tell you, they are very legit and do everything they say. I ordered a graphics card on Friday March 2nd and my card was shipped on the following Monday. I received the card on Thursday and when it arrived it was more than I had hoped for. I haven't had a chance to actually use the card because it was much larger than I expected and did not fit inside my computer case but that was my fault for not having done more research prior to ordering this specific card. I did read a lot of great reviews about this card so I will keep it and just build a new system around the card instead of sending it back. The purpose for this testimonial is to let everyone know that may have reservations about using Cutting Edge Gamer because of lack of information, they do everything they claim and the product they ship is top notch. I had a small issue with the billing date and contacted them regarding it, they responded within HOURS and resolved the issue at that time to my satisfaction. I plan on using them well into the future. I have read blogs where people ask "why would you lease something like this, just go out and buy it", well I say to all of them, some of us do not have all the options they suggest and this is a great way to get a high end graphics card at a great price, not to mention the upgrades, something you don't get when you buy outright. Give these folks a try, you won't be disappointed."
    J. HayesChicora, PA
  • "Love these guys!  I'm a twitch streamer and love what I do.  If it wasn't for these guys there would be no streaming for me.  Going to be upgrading soon.  CEG, keep it up!  You have me as a customer for life!"
    R. McNerneyBrewer, ME
  • "So, for the longest time I thought that this service seemed like a scam or a way to sucker gamers out of money. Eventually, I did the math on a Gtx 1080 ti for the monthly rental to the buy out program, and my math came up with this company only makes about a 5% profit overhead for the specific card I ordered. I expected to get a used beat up card, but boy, was I surprised. The box still had tape on it, and the GPU was brand new and still wrapped in its plastic casing, and the power connectors were still in the original bags untorn, so I got sent a brand new GPU. It was rather fast getting here, took I think 3 days to arrive after I finally realized I had a few emails I needed to reply to, the company called me, and UPS showed up. Installation of the new card was easy, yet the company doesn't idiot proof it. I forgot to delete my old Radeon drivers and called and spoke with a nice lady (Rachel?) and she politely talked to me about any mistakes and I feel sheepish and fixed the issue. As a military member on a budget, my only complaint is they don't have CPUs as part of their program as well, as my i7 990x is getting really ancient."
    M. KoernerTacoma, WA
  • "I can't believe how easy this program is! I had concerns at first, but quickly realized that this program is AMAZING! I started out leasing a Gigabyte GTX 1080 that was brand new, then up to a brand new ASUS GTX 1080 Ti STRIX and it was EASY AS PIE! The customer service is second to NONE and they ship ULTRA FAST, LIKE NEXT DAY FAST! I love the card and I love the fact that it's Infinite Upgrades! If something better comes out, then I will upgrade to the new tech. I also get to buy the card at the end of the lease. I can't think of anything bad to say about them. Amazing."
    D. ArthurOmaha, NE
  • "When I first heard of this company, it was through a sponsored YT channel called ReviewTechUSA, at first I thought the idea of leasing computer component was CRAZY, but then I lease a GTX 1080 from CuttingEdgeGamer and just holding the GPU on my hand was amazing. I was HOOKED, the customer service was surprisingly understanding and very flexible, there policies and benefit to member is very intriguing and satisfactory like there RMA service. Because of CuttingEdgeGamer I manage to buy out my GTX 1080, and I am now currently on my second lease, as a customer I am VERY satisfied with there services."
    A. JimenezNew York, NY
  • "Great company with good products, had an issue with one of mine and instead of going through the shipping process, they just hand delivered it to my house since it was less then 30 minutes away.  That's amazing!"
    S. HallmanRound Rock, TX

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