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4070 Ti's Now Available!
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Infinite Upgrades®

Elite gaming is now accessible at all times. When you
lease or purchase with Cutting Edge Gamer, you can
upgrade your gear at anytime.


RX 7900 XTX / XT's Available Now
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Major Gaming

It's here and better than ever!
Upgrade your gaming with a
RTX 3090 Ti card.


Infinite Upgrades®

Elite gaming is now accessible at all times.
When you lease or purchase with Cutting Edge Gamer,
you can upgrade your gear at anytime.


Lease Your Graphics Card…

Monthly Lease Program

Easy Payments | 12 Month Term | Infinite Upgrades®


Choose Your Card

Choose from the latest AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce high-end graphics cards. Cards may be new or "previously enjoyed" (used).

Place Your Order

VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover debit/credit cards accepted (no pre-paid or reloadable debit cards).

Quick Lease Approval

Once order is received, we will request an image of your state-issued ID, payment card, selfie* (to confirm +18 years of age and to prevent identity fraud), and a photo of a utility bill that directly connects you to the residence address on your account. We will then call you to confirm your order.

Shipped to Your Door

Once approved, your card is shipped! Signature is required for delivery.

(*) – Additional documents may be requested to confirm your order.

Extreme Performance

Extreme Performance

We offer the upper echelon of high end video cards for lease, based on AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. You need performance – not compromises.

Easy Monthly Payments

Easy Monthly Payments

Never suffer the sticker shock of high end video card prices again. Your subscription is a 12-month term at a simple low monthly rate, which is automatically charged to your payment card on file.

Infinite Upgrades®

Infinite Upgrades®

Our signature Infinite Upgrades® Program allows you to upgrade to the next latest cards for free, at any time. Select your upgrade, sign a new 12-month contract and receive your new card!

Buy Out Option

Buy Out Option

We even offer a Buy Out Option, equal to one month’s payment, to purchase the card outright at the end of the lease term!

Upgrade Your Gear.  Get Rewarded.

Buying your gaming components just got even better.  Our Infinite Upgrades® Program rewards you when you buy the same product from us in the first 12 months (learn more here).

Get Credit for Your Old Gear

Buy gear from us. Buy newer gear (same category) from us within a year, and you will get a prorated credit when you return the old gear.  Use that credit towards your next purchase or lease payment!

Easy Returns

Free shipping on all returns back to us.  We provide the label, you ship it back to us.  It’s that simple.

Performance to Brag About

Increase your rig’s performance today.  Upgrade when needed to continue your dominance.

Great Support

With knowledgeable associates on hand, we can help you with any issues you may have.  Call to speak with a real person immediately (during business hours) or send us an email.

Fast & Free Shipping

We typically ship orders within 1-3 business days and always provide FREE ground shipping.


Infinite Upgrades® For All!

When You Lease

Our Infinite Upgrades® Program allows you to upgrade to the next latest and greatest graphics card for free, at any time, as many times as you like. No hidden fees. Upgrade up, down, left, right – it’s up to you!

Place your upgrade order and agree to a new 12 month term. We then ship the upgrade card to you first and provide a return label so that you can ship the old card back to us free-of-charge.


When You Buy

Think of our Infinite Upgrades® Program as the cure to your buyer’s remorse and the weapon of domination.

You purchase a new motherboard from us today for example.

Then within a year when that new version hits the market, “upgrade” to it.  Buy the latest and return the old.  We provide a return label too, so that you can return it free-of-charge.

We will then provide a prorated credit based on the number of months left in the year since making the first purchase.  Use the credit on your next purchase or lease payment!



What some of our members are saying ...

A. GriffinJasper, TN

"Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your services. While the total cost may be more than buying it retail with CEG I can rest at ease knowing that if I order something it comes with-in a few days. That and the support is and has always been great."

D. PereyaslovNarvon, PA

"I have used CEG for a few years now. The fact that I could actually have a nice graphics card without pulling an arm and no credit check! I thought I'll give this a try. Let me tell you how I was never disappointed by CEG. They always delivered on their promise. I have bought out every card from them. First one was a GTX 770, then a GTX 1070 and now I'm on the GTX 1070 Ti and plan on also getting a GTX 1080 Ti for my other rig. An excellent company to do business with. Highly recommend their service!"

G. BeamEdmond, OK

"I have to say, this company sure does deliver. I ordered a card on Tues, finished my information on Wed. The card was delivered to the place for me to pick it on Saturday before Christmas. Can't wait to install the GTX 1080 Ti! This option fits me. I don't want to keep buying a high end card every year. I'm doing this for the upgrades when newer cards come out. My machine is now future proof. Thanks CEG!"

R. GareauZanesville, OH

"This company apparently has the crazy notion of fast service that is geared towards customer satisfaction. I have had 2 cards with them, my latest being the GTX TITAN Xp Special Edition and every time I order a new one, I get it fast. They have always been in direct communication with me on every question and product. I will never go back to store bought video cards again. The notion of always having the best is now my new normal."

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