ZOTAC GeForce RTX 4080 GAMING Trinity OC


ZOTAC ZT-D40810J-10P GeForce RTX 4080 GAMING Trinity OC 2520MHz 16Gb 256-bit GDDR6X PCI-Express 4.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

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THE AIRO EVOLUTION – Inspired by aerodynamic concepts, the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 4080 utilizes an AIR-Optimized design to bring out the best in the world’s most advanced gaming GPU powered by the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture. For gamers and enthusiasts who desire the ultimate performance, the AMP Extreme AIRO graphics card has everything to offer – from unrivalled power to outstanding thermal and noise performance.

ADVANCED COOLING – Refined in every aspect, IceStorm 2.0 is our advanced cooling system that pushes the limit of GPU performance in the most graphically demanding PC games.


CUT THROUGH THE AIR – Mounted with triple 110mm large fans featuring wide curved blades that have twice the blade size of the previous generation. Each curvature and stripe on the blade is meticulously designed to maximize airflow and air pressure.

IMPROVED AIRFLOW DYNAMICS – The fan height is significantly increased to ensure optimal airflow. Backed by a deeper fan shroud design to help generate a more focused airstream intake, each fan rotation pushes more cool air down and keeps it onto the heat spreader longer for improved temperatures.

DEEPER FAN SHROUD – enabling more focused and stable airflow

MORE POWERFUL HEATSINK – Filling the massive 3.5-slot footprint is a colossal aluminum fin stack ready for the most intense thermal challenges.

UP TO 30% THICKER HEATSINK – compared to last generation

OPTIMIZED DISTRIBUTION – 9 precision-machined copper heatpipes are shifted into a vertical layout for increased surface contact with the GPU, extracting more heat to disperse along the full length of the heatsink.

COMPOSITE HEATPIPES – Made of composite layers consisting of a thicker envelope and a grooved wick with a multi-channel working fluid, each heatpipe is more efficient at transferring heat.

MAXIMUM EXTRACTION – A custom vapor chamber, one of the best heat spreading options available, is hovering over the base of the heatsink. The nickel-plated copper plate can spread heat more evenly across the entire surface area to boost cooling performance.

360° PASS-THROUGH – With ample designed ventilation paths, airflow can maneuver and exhaust from every side to reduce trapped heat.

DESIGNED TO COVER – A wider aluminum fin-stack array heatsink sectioned in up to 3 groups, paired with up to eight copper heat pipes span beyond the length of the graphics card board to extract and distribute more heat, more efficiently for maximum cooling performance.

NOISE REFINED – ZOTAC GAMING brings new noise-reducing features to the GeForce RTX 40 Series to enhance immersion when gaming.

CALMING THE STORM – A counter-rotating center fan helps reduce air turbulence, minimizing noise with a smoother airflow. Further noise refinement comes with the assistance of mounted anti-vibration pads.

FAN STOP ACTIVE FAN CONTROL BIOS SWITCH – The fans freeze automatically when the GPU is idle. This automatic smart control results in lower noise levels, extended fan longevity, and efficient cooling.

Adjust fan rotations independently via the ZOTAC GAMING FireStorm Utility to apply increased airflow only to where it’s needed.
*On triple fan models, the LEFT and CENTER fans are grouped together and will spin at the same RPMs.

Switch between two distinct BIOS modes for your preferred fan profile by pressing the physical button on the graphics card or via ZOTAC GAMING FireStorm Utility.

AMPLIFY MODE – Prioritize performance and temperaturesQUIET MODE, Prioritize quieter operation

*Change of BIOS mode requires a system restart to take effect

DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY – Built to last and perform, the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 4080 boasts a strong foundation for peak performance.

STRONG BACK – Overall rigidity is backed with a solid die-cast metal backplate with further enhancement of a rear retention bracket mounted on AMP Extreme AIRO models.

UNPARALLELED STABILITY – More power phases allow more efficient distribution of power. The AMP Extreme AIRO graphics card spreads the load between 24+3 power phases, resulting in more power stability, increased resilience, and improved temperatures.
*Available on select models. Image used is for illustrative purposes only, actual product may differ.

LESS FRICTION – The new cooling fans feature a dual ball bearing design that reduces rotational friction and further prolongs fan lifespan.
*Available on select models

EXTRA SUPPORT – Take advantage of a bundled metal support stand for additional GPU reinforcement.

SPECTRA ALL AROUND – ZOTAC GAMING’s dedicated lighting system, SPECTRA 2.0, enables vibrant LED light colors and unique animated options powered by Addressable RGB LEDs.

5-ZONE RGB LIGHTING – Customize different modes and colors for the 5 lighting zones at the front, sides and rear of the graphics card, or synchronize the whole.
*Available on select models

HOLOGRAPHIC FRAME – The surreal beauty of the large RGB presence on top is enhanced by an iridescent and translucent finish that allows lighting paths underneath to shine through.
*Available on select models **White color lighting may not be accurately displayed

SLIDE – Slide in and out in single color

RAINBOW – A continuous spectrum of transitioning colors

DUET – A gradient dance between two colors

PATH – Slide in and out in multi-color

EXPAND THE AMBIANCE – The featured 3-pin RGB header empowers your graphics card to synchronize lighting with a compatible RGB LED strip for added aesthetics and customization.
*RGB LED strip not included

NEW. SIMPLE. INTUITIVE. – The all-new ZOTAC GAMING FireStorm Utility for 40 Series features an entirely re-designed interface that makes complex fine-tuning tasks easier to do. The new software comes with a host of tuning and monitoring options that include clock speeds, GPU memory frequencies, voltage, fan speed, fan curve settings, SPECTRA RGB lighting effects, and one-click BIOS switching.

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Boost Clock Speed

Cuda Cores


HDMI 2.1a


DisplayPort 1.4a Ports

Max Resolution

Max Monitors Supported

SLI Ready

Minimum Power Supply (W)

525W 16-pin Power Connector


Dimensions (L x H, in)

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  • 1 16-pin to 3 x 8-pin PCI-E Power Cable