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Born in 2010.  Headquarters in Austin, Texas USA.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Cutting Edge Gamer is a graphics card retailer that leases graphics cards to enthusiast PC gamers. Unlike other card retailers, we offer high end cards with Infinite Upgrades® at a low monthly rate.

Cutting Edge Gamer is dedicated to optimizing the purchase experience for high end cards, just as graphics processors continually improve. We strive to provide the latest high end graphics cards available on the market and allow gamers to upgrade infinitely, seamlessly and without the financial stress.

You – the customer – are the key to our success, and customer satisfaction is our top priority here at Cutting Edge Gamer.  Happy Gaming!

Meet the Cutting Edge Gamer Team

Hear what our customers are saying...

  • "When I first leased a card from CEG, it was a GTX 970. Something simple and cheap that wouldn't hurt me if it was to be a scam. However, CEG turned out to be totally legit and a great option for those who want to not be held down by a expensive initial cost that will be outdated in a year or two. Now, I'm leasing to own two GTX 1080's and couldn't be happier!"
    J. MegerleHacienda Heights, CA
  • "If you want the best graphics card now, and don't want to wait, this is the way to go!  I highly recommend them to all my friends and family.  Thanks again Cutting Edge Gamer for everything!!!"
    P. LangeFond du Lac, WI
  • "To be honest, I was suspicious.  This sounded too good to be true, but it is!  It was sooooo easy and simple and, best of all, fast.  I highly recommend Cutting Edge Gamer."
    M. HernandezHorizon City, TX
  • "Love this company. I was building a new computer, but didn't have money for all the high end stuff I wanted. At first I didn't know what to think, but I gave them a try. Definitely legit. I am now rocking a GTX 1080 from CEG.  If you ever have any issues, CEG's customer service is quick to reply."
    S. SetnickyWhiting, NJ
  • "Great company to work with - they are friendly and helpful. I stumbled upon this company while looking for a new graphics card as my old one was going out. I got a GTX 960 - it arrived in the box with all the accessories, a little surprised as I thought they would take the stuff out. Cheap monthly payments work with my budget and everything runs fine. This company will definitely keep my business, and I may upgrade later on!"
    G. LampingSalkum, WA
  • "I did a lot of research to see if this company had any reviews (good or bad), I didn't find much but that's not a bad thing because no information sometimes is better than a lot of "bad" information. I do not work for this company, I do not represent this company in anyway but I have to tell you, they are very legit and do everything they say. I ordered a graphics card on Friday March 2nd and my card was shipped on the following Monday. I received the card on Thursday and when it arrived it was more than I had hoped for. I haven't had a chance to actually use the card because it was much larger than I expected and did not fit inside my computer case but that was my fault for not having done more research prior to ordering this specific card. I did read a lot of great reviews about this card so I will keep it and just build a new system around the card instead of sending it back. The purpose for this testimonial is to let everyone know that may have reservations about using Cutting Edge Gamer because of lack of information, they do everything they claim and the product they ship is top notch. I had a small issue with the billing date and contacted them regarding it, they responded within HOURS and resolved the issue at that time to my satisfaction. I plan on using them well into the future. I have read blogs where people ask "why would you lease something like this, just go out and buy it", well I say to all of them, some of us do not have all the options they suggest and this is a great way to get a high end graphics card at a great price, not to mention the upgrades, something you don't get when you buy outright. Give these folks a try, you won't be disappointed."
    J. HayesChicora, PA
  • This company apparently has the crazy notion of fast service that is geared towards customer satisfaction. I have had 2 cards with them, my latest being the GTX TITAN Xp Special Edition and every time I order a new one, I get it fast. They have always been in direct communication with me on every question and product. I will never go back to store bought video cards again. The notion of always having the best is now my new normal.
    R. GareauZanesville, OH
  • "AMAZING EXPERIENCE!  Great Lease/Buy Option @ very reasonable monthly payments instead of forking a ton of $$ out to begin with only to get your graphics card and find out your disappointed.  This service makes more sense to me, provides flexibility and thanks to CUTTING EDGE GAMER's Upgrade, Downgrade, Expand Options makes it a flat out awesome service to say the least! Great site and quality products!  Definitely coming back here for future purchases."
    J. CunninghamSouth Jordan, UT
  • "I have to say...like most people I was skeptical. I was wrong to be. This company is 100% awesome. It's been absolutely no hassle since day one. Great customer service and they always answer the phone. I have used the upgrade program many times and it's great. They send the upgrade card to you first and after you install it, you send the old one back. This company is the real deal. I will always get my cards from Cutting Edge Gamer. If you're smart, you will give this company a shot and you will stay with them."
    G. BelcherMerritt Island, FL
  • "Just bought out of my lease, had a great experience with this company thank you James Walsh and everyone that works at Cutting-edge Gamer!!!"
    K. GomezHouston, TX