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Born in 2010.  Headquarters in Austin, Texas USA.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Cutting Edge Gamer is a graphics card retailer that leases graphics cards to enthusiast PC gamers. Unlike other card retailers, we offer high end cards with Infinite Upgrades® at a low monthly rate.

Cutting Edge Gamer is dedicated to optimizing the purchase experience for high end cards, just as graphics processors continually improve. We strive to provide the latest high end graphics cards available on the market and allow gamers to upgrade infinitely, seamlessly and without the financial stress.

You – the customer – are the key to our success, and customer satisfaction is our top priority here at Cutting Edge Gamer.  Happy Gaming!

Meet the Cutting Edge Gamer Team

Hear what our customers are saying...

  • "This is the best service for making high end video cards affordable for the everyday guy who wants the best performance but cant afford to drop $800- $1000 out of pocket......I WILL get one of the new Nvidia cards when they are released.... THANKS CUTTING EDGE GAMER"
    B. NelsonBuckeye, AZ
  • "Insane company to do business with.  I mean that in a good way!  Leased a card that unfortunately died.  CEG sent me a replacement that was an upgrade to what I had... AT NO EXTRA COST!  Free return shipping as well.  Excellent customer service!"
    J. BruntmyerCasper, WY
  • "This is a great company. Where else can you get high end video cards at a good price and pay monthly. The whole group there is super friendly and very helpful!"
    P. AlcarazRiverside, CA
  • "When I first heard of this company, it was through a sponsored YT channel called ReviewTechUSA, at first I thought the idea of leasing computer component was CRAZY, but then I lease a GTX 1080 from CuttingEdgeGamer and just holding the GPU on my hand was amazing. I was HOOKED, the customer service was surprisingly understanding and very flexible, there policies and benefit to member is very intriguing and satisfactory like there RMA service. Because of CuttingEdgeGamer I manage to buy out my GTX 1080, and I am now currently on my second lease, as a customer I am VERY satisfied with there services."
    A. JimenezNew York, NY
  • "Great company with good products, had an issue with one of mine and instead of going through the shipping process, they just hand delivered it to my house since it was less then 30 minutes away.  That's amazing!"
    S. HallmanRound Rock, TX
  • "I was without a graphics card and had just started a new job.  I required a top notch card quickly, and they came through with a GTX 980, which I've owned since December.  I plan on using these guys to get a GTX 1080 as well.  Great service through great guys!"
    N. RichardsonSan Antonio, TX
  • "Fast delivery and great customer service.  Also, it is the best way to get the best graphic cards without paying big money at once.  I'm a proud owner of the new GTX Titan X!"
    J. SemKent, WA
  • "Just wanted to let you know I'm really happy with my new card, I went from a 580 gtx to a titan x. Never thought I'd have a top of the line card, almost thought this was one of those too good to be true scam type deals. I hope you guys are doing well business wise, I have told all of my friends about you! Thanks!"
    S. WoodSouth Yarmouth, MA
  • "Great customer support, and the graphics cards get shipped out extremely fast.  Always getting my hands on the latest cards without paying hundreds up front.  What more could a gamer need?"
    F. CarvalhoPompano Beach, FL
  • "Such an awesome program for those who could find it easier to make [monthly] payments on a graphics card rather than paying in full. Everything about ordering and delivery was very fast and simple. I recommend Cutting Edge Gamer to every gamer I know!"
    M. DownsJonesboro, AR